Oyogu Hito


A piece inspired by Japanese Poet Sakutaro Hagiwara's ''Oyogu Hito''.



Inspired by the sound of Cora, a harp, which is handed down in central Africa.
The piece sing the sorrow and conflict of humans, who lives in the wilderness.



The sound of splashing. The roaring of a waterfall strikes the body and soul of a Buddhist.



Lotus begins to bloom at the break of dawn.

Evening Calm


In the moment, the wind stops to blow. The leaves are slightly waving... and the wind blows again into the silence.



The melodies, woven polyphonically to the refined rhythm of the old European dance, Pavana.


Andante Sognando


A homage to the Russian composer, Sergej Prokofiev. Dream-like melodies are drawn in the chromatic harmony.

A Short Song  


Inspired by the form of Japanese short poetry, Tanka.