Japanese musician Terukaku Yamashita is a guitarist-composer, who combines classical composition techniques, Asian traditional music and modern compositional techniques to create unique music. Terukaku was born in 1994 in Kyoto and grew up in Nagasaki. Since his childhood, he has been learning guitar and composition from his father Kazuhito Yamashita and mother Keiko Fujiie. Since the age of ten, he has performed internationally as a member of his family ensemble. Performances include the Cordoba International Guitar Festival, Alessandria International Guitar Festival, and Seoul Art Center Hall. At the age of 18, he moved to Germany and began studying composition, improvisation and interpretation practice on the guitar with Carlo Domeniconi. At the same time, he entered both the composition class and guitar class at Berlin Arts University, where he studied classical music and the cutting edge of contemporary music today. Since then, he is based in Berlin and performs a mixed program of his own works and classical repertoire in Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Brussels, Seoul and the other cities. Recently, he also published his vocal works, ensemble works, improvisation ensemble and musical drama and is expanding the scope of his activities. His solo and ensemble pieces are also performed by many musicians, including his father Kazuhito Yamashita and other renowned musicians in Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, the USA, and other counties.

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